Sex On The Streets By Anna kay / New release

My aunt lived in that area, and we were taken there daily. I can remember her telling me I was special and that I would be a star someday. That I had to do everything she said. Listen, practice.

My father was supposed to be watching my sister and me, but he would take us there and leave us with her. For part of that time we stayed with my aunt until we could get our own place. My father was supposed to be looking for work, but he would take off with my blood uncles every day, so it got to be that I never saw either parent for long periods of time. That would change on occasion when my father would take me with him to bars while he drank or played in a band or both. I would be at the bar with one of his girlfriends. It seemed perfectly natural to me.

My aunt began to sexually abuse me the first night. It continued the entire time we were there. Months. I didn’t know until years later that my sister was locked in a closet while this went on.

Eventually we got a place of our own and the abuse stopped.

A few months later my cousins came to live with us and the sexual abuse started again. Just different people. It ended a few months later when they were caught. They had us tied up. The cords were tight. Not really cords at all, cloths line. My sister and I were tied back to back. My cousins, a sister and brother had already molested us for over an hour. I cannot recall where my mother was during that period of my life. She was gone a lot. I think she was working because he didn’t work. That’s all I know.

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